Geology of Basti


     The district is underlain by Quaternary alluvium comprising and of various grades, gravel, kankar and clay. The Alluvium can be classified into two groups, the Older alluvium and the Newer alluvium.

Older alluvium:-It is of middle Pleistocene age and generally occupies high ground which is not affected by floods during the rainy season.

The Newer alluvium:- It covers the lower height and is mainly conferred to the flood plains along the river channels and belongs to the upper Pleistocene to the recent age.

Kankar:-Substantial deposits of kankar are available in the tahsil of Harriya only.

'Manorama river' (a steam from saryu) flows through many villages like Ojha Ganj, Pandul, Kotiya etc. Manorama river is considered as a branch of saryu river and people around the villages use the bank of the river for the last rituals. The Popular MANORAMA MAHATOSAV i.e. MANORAMA FESTIVAL has got the name due to this river .Manorama Mahatosav is an annual fair organised during the winter at the Tehsil Premises of HARRIYA.


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