District e-governance Society/Lokvani

 The Lokvani society is formed under chairmanship of District Magistrate, Basti since 2006 with the aims of to implement the ICT based e-governance cervices to the citizen. Initially the Lokvani society is providing on line complaint redressal system and gas booking system through the 64 registered Lokvani kendra. Society is also implemented the single window system in tehsils to provide the certificate services (Income certificate, domicile certificate and caste certificate). The Lokvani society has been adopted as District e-governance society (DeGs) by the Govt. of India and UP state govt. to implement the SSDG-eforms and E-district (mission mode) project of e-governance. The District e-governance society is responsible to implement and monitor the e-district Mission mode project at District level. (Executive committee of DeGs)


List of Executive committee of District E-Governance Society

S.No Officer Designation in Society S.No. Officer Designation in Society
1 District Magistrate Chairman 2 Chief Development officer Dy. chairman
3 ADM (F/R) Member Secretary 4 CRO Member
5 DIO (NIC) Technical Consultant 6 CTO Koshadhayaksh
7 Add. SDM Member 8 SDM  Sadar Basti Member
9 SDM  Harriya Member 10 SDM  Bhan pur Member
11 SDM  Rudhauli Member 12 TDM, BSNL Member
13 DSO Member 14 DSWO Member
15 CMO Member 16 Distt. Probation officer Member
17 DPRO Member 18 DHWO Member
19 REO Member 20 BSA Member
21 DIOS Member 22 EO (Nagar Palika) Basti Member
23 EO (Nagar Palika) Harriya Member 24 EO (Nagar Palika) Babhanan Member

 1. E-District Project        2. E-village Project      3. SSDG E-form     4. DSP of DeGs        5. GO of  IT        

Meeting Details


Date of meeting Agenda of meeting Minutes of Meeting


04/05/2013 document of agenda

document of minutes of meeting


06/06/2013 document of agenda  


15/07/2013 To review the Service delivery under SSDG Project  


05/09/2013 To review the Service delivery under SSDG Project document of minutes


04/01/2014 To review the Service delivery under SSDG Project minutes of meeting
    6 08/08/2014 To review the Service delivery under SSDG Project minutes of meeting


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