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      Information Technology has emerged as one of the most significant sectors contributing to the Nation's growth in the last decade. The Prime  minister has given a call to make INDIA an Information Technology superpower.   

      IT is tipped to be the key sector in the new Millennium. E-commerce and Internet and e-governance are the important developments in the field of Information Technology.

     District Basti is also not lagging behind in this field. National Informatics Centre, A primier Government organization in the field of Information Technology (IT) in India is providing State-of-the-art solutions to the Information management and decision support requirement of the District Administration.

     The services of information technology are being widely utilised by major private sector of the district.  Moreover, the other firms which can be put into the catagory of fully private  are also using the IT resources which are detailed below.

      The computer facilities are being used by some printing presses for offset and screen printing (composing and designing). A local daily is also using its DTP facility for its daily publications. Some medical stores of the district are using Personal Computers to maintain the inventory of their stocks. The softwares are developed by the local software vendors on the demand and requirement basis. In banking and financial sector, some of the bank branches are partially computerised. The necessary software are provided either by the bank administration (their HQs) or developed by local professionals. A stock broker shop is also equipped with RO -VSAT (Receive Only VSAT) and providing online stock information directly from Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Also, the computer softwares developed locally are used to ease the routine works  of other activities of the Stock Broker. A large number of shops scattered all over the city and elsewhere, are providing DTP facilities (composing, designing and printing) of bio-data, letters, pamphlets, visiting cards, mannuals, booklets and thesis or project works) for the needy people. As far as internet is concerned, it is yet not very popular and its availability is also not guarnteed.However, this facility is offered to the customers in few cases. The maximum use of internet is e-mails exchange, inquiry of results published on web sites, downloading of forms, prospectus etc., net surfing, chat etc. are still to grow to reach satisfactory level.


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