About District

Basti district is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh state, India and Basti town is the district headquarters. Basti district is a part of Basti Division. Basti was originally known as village. The origin of the name Vaishishthi is attributed to the fact that this area was the Ashram of Rishi Vashistha in ancient period. Lord rama with his younger brother laxman had been here for some time with rishi vasistha. The tract comprising the present district was remote and much of it was covered with forest. But gradually the area became inhabitable, for want of recorded and reliable history it cannot, with any degree of certainty, be said how the district came to known by its present name on account of the original habitation (Basti) having been selected by the Kalhan Raja as a seat of his Raj, an event which probably occurred in the 16th century. In 1801,. Basti became the Tehsil headquarters and in 1865 it was chosen as the headquarters of the newly established district.

Location and boundaries:-

The district is situated in the north – eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. It forms part of the stretch of country laying beyond the river Ghagra in northeast corner of the Utter Pradesh. The district lies between the parallels of 26° 23′ and 27° 30′ North latitude and 82° 17′ and 83° 20′ East longitude. It comprises to a tract of some what irregular shape. The district is surrounded by Sant Kabir Nagar on the east and Gonda on west, on the south. Ghaghara river separate it from Faizabad and Ambedker Nagar while on the north the boundary marches with Sidharth Nagar district. It’s area is 2,688.00


The north portion of the district is along with the boundry of district Siddharta Nagar. In this area there are small nalas & ponds. The river Ami is flowing on the north eastern border. The Garia river is regularised the eastern border of the district, at some distance. In the middle and southern part of the district, the river Kuwana and Ghaghara are the main rivers, besides these rivers there are so many rivers, nalas and ponds in the area. The whole land of the district is made by the soil carried out by the Ghaghara and tributaries.
This is generally plain and fertile land which is situated in the north revage of Ghaghra river. The normal flow of water is in the direction of northwest to southeast The district is drained by Ghaghara like big rivers along with so many small & big nalas. The river Ghaghara is flowing through the south corner of the district towards the tahsil Harraiya, Basti in the direction of west to east and makes the boundaries of district Basti and Faizabad and the river Kuwana is flowing through the tahsil Basti & Bhanpur. The river Manwan is flowing through tahsil Harraiya, Basti in northwest to southeast direction. The river Ami, in the north, has been divided, the boundaries of district Basti & Siddharth Nagar and in the east, the river Garia makes the boundry line of district Sant Kabir Nagar and flows in tahsil Basti in east direction.
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