Tourist Places

Makhauda Dham
Makhauda Dham

Makhauda Dham is one of the most ancient places of Harraiya tehsil in  district where Raja Dashrath performed yagya with the help of…

sringi nari Temple

It is situated 5 km. from the Karmiya. A very old Temple situated at this place and every Tuesday there…

chhawani shahid smark

Chhawani is a historic place near Amorha in Basti district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. it is also known as a place of…

Bhadeshwer nath
Bhadeshwer Nath

Bhadeshwar Nath is about 5–6 km. on a bank of river kuwana from the district headquarters. There is a famous…

New Year Celebration in Kateshwer Park
Kateshwar Park

Kateshwer Park is beautiful park in Gandhi  Nagar Basti . The park is maintain by Nagar Palika Parishad Basti . in…

Van Vihar Basti
Rashtriya Van Chetna Kendra (Sant Ravi Das Van Vahar)

Van Vihar is established on the bank of river Kuwana on the way to Ganeshpur village at a distance of…