Culture & Heritage

Culture & Festivals:-

Ram Chandra Shukla (4 October 1884 – 2 February 1941), better known as Acharya Shukla, is regarded as the first codifier of the history of Hindi literature in a scientific system by using wide, empirical research with scant resources and published Hindi Sahitya Ka Itihaas (1928–29). Mahatma Kabir, the well-known poet and philosopher used to live at Maghar in Basti district, Presently the place Maghar belongs to new district sant Kabir Nagar. The inhabitants of the district celebrate festivals like Nav Durga, Ramnaumi, Krishna Janmasthmi, Shivratri, Deepawali, Id-ul-Fitar, Id-uz-Zuha, Moharram, Dashara and Holi.

Nav Durga puja

The festival Nav Durga puja celebrated for 15 days All street of the city decorated with fancy electric light and beautiful nav durga murti. The people of the city celebrated this occasion with worm and happiness, the rural people also participate in this fair. The district administration make all preventive arrangement during this period.

Kawariya Mela:- 

This mela is celebrated in month of Aug. every year  (2nd tuseday of sawan month)


Vernaculars spoken in Basti include Awadhi in Basti West areas & Bhojpuri in Basti East Side.Most of the people read and write in Hindi


Main food of the people are Roti (wheat), rice, Dal (arhar) and seasonal vegetables and fruits.


In rural area, most of the men wear Kurta, Dhoti and women wear sari and blowuse and in urbon area men wear shirt and pants , girls wear salwar shute and women wear sari and blowuse.